Nixa Missouri 65714


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Nixa Missouri 65714

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Standard Tire Installation*$38 per tire (2 tire minimum – includes Balance and TPMS Reset)
Single Tire Installation* (New Tire Pre-Ordered) (+$50 for service call)$50 (includes Balance and TPMS Reset)
Single Tire Installation* (Your tire) (+$50 for service call)$70 (includes Balance and TPMS Reset)
Trailer Tire Installation$38 per tire (2 tire minimum +$5 if straps are needed)
Multiple Axle Trailer Tire Install (more than 6 wheels on the trailer)$48 per tire ( +$20 for single tire)
Golf Cart, ATV, Mower Tire Install$30 per tire (2 tire minimum +$5 if straps are needed)
Commercial Fleet Install**Call for pricing**
Standard Rotation and Balance*$90
Tire Rotation*$70
Balance*$25 per wheel (2 wheel minimum)
Tire Repair*$85 per tire (within 15 miles), $100 (within 16-25miles)
Tire Repair turned into Single Tire Install* (+$50 for service call)$100 (includes Balance and TPMS Reset)
Tire Repair (Add-on with additional service)* $35
*Install/Service Size Add-ons (Standard Install Plus Size Below)
Rim Size 20″ – 22″ $5 Tire Size 33″ – 35″ (305 – 315) $5
Rim Size 23″ – 24″ $10 Tire Size 36″ – 38″ $10
Rim Size 25″ – 26″ $15 Tire Size 39″ – 40″ $15
TPMS Diagnosis$50
TPMS Reset $30
TPMS Service Kit (per wheel)$9
TPMS Sensor Replacement (per wheel)$75 – $90
TPMS Sensor Transfer to New Wheel$15 (per wheel)
Tire Disposal 13″ to 19″ Wheels$4 per tire
Tire Disposal 20″ and Larger Wheels$6 per tire
Service Call (minimum charge per visit)$50
Flat Tire – Spare Replacement$75
MO. Tire Tax (charged by the State for each new tire)$0.50
Mileage (per mile outside of 25 mile radius, one way)$2.00
Road Hazard Insurance (Provided through ABS ROAD HAZARD)Call for Quote
FET Charge (Freight – not common but we will make you aware of it if it applies to your tires)Full Amount Charged to Customer
**Please Note: 2.6% fee for CC payment and 3.5% invoicing fee