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Road Hazard


What is a Road Hazard Warranty, and do I really need it? 


Road hazard warranties vary between companies, specifically, they cover damage to the tire caused through normal driving. (Negligent driving will void any road hazard warranty coverage.) This can include driving over nails, broken glass, or other unexpected debris in the road causing the tire to become unusable. 


Interested in seeing what is covered? Continue to our Road Hazard page for more info directly related to the coverage we offer. 


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Fleet Service 

The days of shutting down your fleet vehicles for tire service are over. Time is money! TreadRight Mobile Tire offers the convenience of keeping your vehicles on the job. We will travel to the jobsite location and get your fleet taken care of all while they are completing the originally scheduled job. 

Interested in more information or wanting to get your fleet signed up, check out Fleet Services page and fill out the required info. 

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Mobile TPMS Reset

TPMS Reset

The tire pressure management system’s (TPMS) primary function is to make the driver aware of the state of the tire pressure within the tires.

What does this light mean? How are the TPMS sensors replaced? Check out TPMS Reset and find out. 

If you are needing to schedule TPMS reset, please go to: Schedule Service 

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Mobile Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing and Why It Is Necessary

Wheel balancing is important for prolonging the life of your tires and helps to ensure the best performance from your vehicle.  Over time the tread on your tires wears down.  This causes changes to the distribution of weight around the wheel leading to imbalance.  Imbalanced wheels may be felt in unusual shaking or vibration as you drive.

Wanting to know when and how often a wheel should be balanced: Wheel Balancing

If you are feeling that shake or wobble and want to schedule a wheel balance, please go to: Schedule Service 

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Tire Rotation

How often should your tires be rotated?

We recommend every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, even if they don’t show obvious signs of wear.  We can also inspect your tires for any damage and uneven wear, check the pressure and overall tread depth, and remove any stones or debris from between the treads.

Interested in reasons why your tires need to be rotated: Rotate Tires

If you are needing to schedule a rotation, please go to: Schedule Service 

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TreadRight Mobile Tire Flat Repair
Tire Repair

With every revolution, a tire runs the risk of being punctured by a foreign object.  It is usually a matter of when you get a flat and not if you will get a flat.

When an object such as a nail breaks through the inner liner of a tire, the most immediate concern is the loss of inflation pressure, but the long-term risk is that the instability around the penetrating object can lead to tread separation.

For more information and what you should know click: Tire Repair

If you are needing to schedule a repair, simply click: Schedule Service 

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Determine the tread depth and age of your tires

A quick informational video on how to determine the tread depth and age of your tires.

Find your tire size

A quick informational video on where to locate your tire size and other relevant info on your existing tires.

TreadRight Mobile Tire Launches in March

This is the inarguable post for the TreadRight Mobile Tire Blog. We opened for business on March 1, 2022. We provide all the same services as your local tire shop with the important distinction that we come to the location of your choice to perform the service. You can easily purchase your tires and schedule installation directly through our website, treadrightmobiletire.com, or if you prefer you can call 417-988-6968 and we will help you choose tires and schedule installation. We are based in Nixa Missouri and will travel to your location (additional charges will apply if you are outside our 25 mile radius) to perform any one of the following services: tire installation, tire rotation, tire rotation and balance, and tire repair. We have already done installations and repairs all over the greater Springfield Missouri area. To date, our services have been performed in Nixa, Ozark, Rogersville, Crane and Springfield.