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Nixa Missouri 65714

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On-Site Tire Installation

Tire Installation

How To Change Tires**

  1. Find a safe, level location.
  2. Apply the parking brake.
  3. Apply wheel wedges.
  4. Remove the hub cap or wheel cover.
  5. Loosen the lug nuts.
  6. Place the jack under the vehicle.
  7. Raise the vehicle with the jack.
  8. Remove the lug nuts.
  9. Remove the tire.
  10. Remove the tire from the rim and replace with the new tire.
  11. Balance the tire.
  12. Mount the new tire on the lug bolts.
  13. Tighten the lug nuts by hand.
  14. Partially lower the vehicle and tighten the lug nuts again.
  15. Lower the vehicle completely.
  16. Replace the hubcap or wheel cover.
  17. Stow all the equipment.
  18. Check the pressure in the spare tire.
**This entire process can be avoided. Simply call us or schedule service through this website and TreadRight Mobile Tire will come to you and service your tires.